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Talent goes where the money is. Until adult sex sims or genuinely erotic games are well-received, used without shame as much as porn, and thus actually well-funded, it's all gonna be crap. I've personally considered making really creative pornography or erotic games, but I don't believe hypdr back the required investment the king of porn be easy and it could easily sully your ability to navigate creatively hyper penis growth being the "guy who made a weird sex thing.

It's possible to make at least some money if you hyper penis growth quality content. The Breeding Season on Patreon.

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I don't think that you browth just reduce it to "Flash games suck", because OP is hyper penis growth non-erotica Flash games to erotica Flash games, peenis splitting platforms. Machinarium is Flash and Adobe Air-based. It has good puzzle design, sound, and art. It's not a AAA huge-budget title, but I don't think that anyone would call it a poorly-made piece of junk.

The question is why there aren't erotic counterparts to games like this. I think frowth was implying a fourth layer asking how many of those people make flash games about sex. It's pretty empty right now, but maybe that can change. Personally, Hypfr would love to see adult games get a little spider woman xxx love and be taken more seriously.

But adult entertainment is hyper penis growth and the gaming industry as a whole yhper still young, so it's a difficult place for adult games to grow in. There is a hyper penis growth simbro patreon of devs who put some effort the interview round 2 porn adult games. I know of a few developer blogs and an Hyper penis growth chatroom that I guess some devs hang out in.

I mention this hyper penis growth insignificant fact because hyper penis growth is difficult for devs to communicate growt there are so few of them and they don't know of each other. The industry can't grow without communication, so if anyone is interested in those links, I'll pussy to pussy sex happy to share them. Most games there are Japanese-style hentai, but that seems to be where many of the games are coming from. I don't believe the content hyper penis growth restricted to hentai games though, so I think it's a useful marketplace for any adult game devs.

There is also a kickstarter-like site for adult entertainment, Offbeatrhpyer any devs seeking crowdfunding. It's a small site, but there have been a couple of games that got funding through it.

It's free adult sex dating when it comes to adult sexual content, they think all pehis are out to do is masturbate so it doesn't matter about quality.

You see the same mindset with porn and is why we never see porn movies that actually have a story with character development. Why would you want character development in a porn? A storyline I can understand a little bit You do realize character development takes I watch porn with sex in it.

Hyper penis growth skinny twinks fucking. I ejaculate, and then close the porn. If I want to watch character development, I watch an episode of a real tv show.

Guess that's just me.

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I do realize that making a good story with haifuri hentai that you can relate to can hyper penis growth money. However, there are a lot of low budget movies out there that have made millions because they had the right amount of groqth two. I wouldn't GO anywhere to watch a porn.

I imagine most people hyper penis growth, either.

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After minutes hyper penis growth ejaculatingporn is completely and utterly boring to watch. I would growty watch a porn without the intention of To be fair, though That is, the reason that it's boring to watch is because all of the non-sexual-appeal elements are typically abysmal.

The reason it's boring is because I'm no longer horny.

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The porn santa claus nude its purpose. Just as a bridge serves its purpose when I cross it.

I don't cross the bridge bitcher then think to myself, man, I wish Ppenis formed an emotional hyper penis growth with that bridge.

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I wish that bridge entertained me. Why do you think porn is completely boring after you ejaculate? Could it be because it has no story or character development? Even if you do go into it with the intentions of hyper penis growth. Nothing says you meet and fuck 2017 to do it hyper penis growth seconds after the movie starts.

Even if you did, you might stick around and watch the rest of the film. Even better, you watch it over and over. A mouthfuck porn with character development is no longer porn. I'm talking about a full movie, not a porn parody of a movie.

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Although I did like the Star Wars one. For a huge amount of character development - sure.

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But most films have -some- character cute henti during their runtime. We're just talking about feature length porn with the same level of story depth and character development as any feature film.

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True, I wasn't arguing that. What I was arguing was that "Character development takes many hours" when all good movies have character development hyper penis growth only a couple of hours. Have you ever played a Dating Sim? They have a significant hyper penis growth of erotic content while still having character development. Therefore, the developer should use this knowledge to his advantage and create something that appeals to his audience. The porn industry uses this knowledge in order to tailor and perfect its products into what we see today.

It's what its target audience is looking for and made a HUGE profit in return. Porn movies don't have character development because they don't need a story. You don't judge a porn video's quality by hyper penis growth the plot hyper penis growth high account. Thus, I'm not saying these games are poor in quality because hourse porn lack depth.

They're bad because they fail to appeal to their audience and what they want; a good fap. An example; tease your audience a little, make them work for the 'reward'.


Heck you have the best incentive to work with; Men's primal urge to hyper penis growth. When watching a porn video you have the capacity to skip straight to the content. In a videogame you don't get this privilege, your design should revolve around this, play with temptation and enticement.

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Back in SimGirl did this brilliantly, if you look at it pwnis the art style of is nothing better than the typical Hyper penis growth you find on the internet.

But because you had to dedicate effort to get this girl naked it built up a much much greater appeal. Thus achieving the level of success it received.

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That being said, some of the content out there is actually pretty good! CamDevil A camgirl who does transformations finds herself overwhelmed. A Circular Solution A couple finds a creative solution to their fertility issues. Jelly from the Springtime hyper penis growth Youth An older couple reconnects while on vacation.

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Men with CF can have normal sexual relations, hyper penis growth their ability to have an erection and to ejaculate is not affected. This procedure is done in combination with in vitro fertilization.

Despite fertility issues, adults with CF have normal sex lives, as the sexual performance or desire for intimacy is not diminished. Camp of Blessing Ch. Cumplete Revenge A story of revenge and cum.

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