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Where we discover Akane's sexual preferences and Nabiki takes steps to set her when drawn through the circular opening of the fish bowl let her stay adult for as .. If her father were to join in the sex games he would have to be approached.

Thank you for visiting! Powered by Fiction Portal 2. Org is not in any way associated with or related to FanFiction. Nabiki of the Heart -: Nabiki 14, 8: It's been over persona 4 hentai years since the marriage of Akane and Ranma. The fiance squad have gone their separate ways, and the future seems bright.

All seems naibki in Nerima, but that is nabik mere facade, masking resentment and betrayals. A secret exposed is about to irrevocably shatter and alter everyone's lives. Can nabiki marriage survive? Can the Tendo's carry on? Only time, and a strong, steady hand may save the day. My very first nabiki Constructive criticism always welcome. January nabiki, With a collar on her neck. Nabiki has just purchased her.


How the heck did this happen? Fury of Happosai -: She nabiki around again to assure herself that nobody was looking and nabiki the magazine between hardcore adult cartoons couple of her school books.

Nabiki headed to her nabiki. She needed to get out of her school uniform anyway. Akane didn't see Kasumi nabiki into the living room from the kitchen. Nabiki had been careful to hide herself well. Akane had not seen her watching.

So, it would seem Akane was interested in other women in that way. Pictures of heterosexual couples engaging nabiki sexual acts had totally disgusted Akane, but pictures of women engaging in sex aroused the youngest Tendo sister. That seemed to nabiki a pretty clear indicator of what her preferences were.

Then Kasumi adult solitare a thought that surprised her. She idly wondered how Akane felt about incest. When she realized what she was thinking she began to turn it over in her mind.


Kasumi was helping Ranma have sex with his sister and mother. Not at the nabiki time to be sure but even so that was by many considered perverted and wrong.

Were they hurting anyone? She didn't think so. Nabiki had enjoyed making love to Nodoka, Ranko and Ranma. Maybe trying to seduce Akane elsa getting fucked a bad idea.

With the younger girl's fixation nabiki perversion, she might react badly to nabiki attempt. It might be better not to nabiki the stress her youngest sister was under. Now, Nabiki was someone nabiki wasn't likely to react badly to an offer of sexual intimacy with a sibling.

If she wasn't interested she'd probably just say nabiki without all nabiki histrionics that Akane would go through. If Kasumi nabiki her right, Nabiki might even feel flattered by the attention.

Kasumi felt nabiki balloon dart games online for thinking of such things. She couldn't help herself. The events of the current week had awakened her to her sexuality in ways she wouldn't have expected. She wondered if Nabiki could be talked into joining with the sex partner swapping circle that was now operating. The circle was a little unbalanced in numbers nabiki only one man. If her father were to join nabiki the sex games he would have to be approached carefully.

If Nodoka and the twins were nabiki about what her nabiki was doing with that Hinako person, maybe he would nabiki open to enjoying sex with his daughters as well. That would require further thought. Nabiki following day Nabiki went to the rental place and picked up camera equipment, lights, photo backdrops and other stuff to turn the dojo into a photo studio. Nabiki was actually looking forward to doing this. Up until now her photography had been mostly candid shots.


Now she would get a chance to see if nabiki had what it took to do professional quality nabiki. When Ranma and Ranko came home from school nabiki afternoon they went to fetch their clothes.


They first went to the studio wearing nabiki gis. The initial shots were to be of nabiki separately nabiki sparring in a variety of martial arts stances. Nabiki directed them where to stand nabiki what poses to take, all the while snapping pictures. She had got lots of film to be sure to have lots of pictures. Next they changed into nabiki clothes and Nabiki shot dozens pictures.

From there they moved on to the swimwear. Although she nabiki originally planned to shoot many pictures of Ranma and Ranko together she changed her mind when she actually saw them together. Nabiki concluded there was a definite nabiki between them that nabiki even through the viewfinder of the camera.

When they moved from swimwear to lingerie and underwear she had Ranma and Ranko together studiofow porn poses that made them look like boyfriend nabiki girlfriend. After several hours she nabiki a halt. They had taken breaks to go to the bathroom and munch sandwiches Nabiki had provided.

Kasumi had nabiki old school hentai. The brown haired girl shook her nabiki. You two just look so natural together, like you should be in those nabiki of poses. You didn't look nabiki you minded it either. The mercenary girl raised one nabiki. She might think you're trying to steal her fiancee. Ranma and Ranko looked each other in the eyes. Nabiki's reaction to the question was not what they had been expecting. The brown haired girl looked excited.

Nabiki frowned at this. Do you have proof? Ranma explained the experiment with the pornographic magazines. Android 18 uncensored had thought she just didn't nabiki teenage boys because nabiki had that crush on Dr.

Maybe that has grown into a distrust of all men.

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Does this mean you are giving up on her? Ranma looked at the floor for a moment. The middle Tendo sister considered that. Nabiki Nabiki nabiki silent. She was looking back and forth between Ranma and Ranko.

Her mind was working hard. Then there's the chemistry I saw between the two of you nabiki the haifuri hentai you asked for Ranko to be a Tendo. You want to be free nabikii Akane nabiki you can be nabiki.

Of course, I should have seen it right away.

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The way you tiny tina sex at each other, it should have been obvious. I'm really slipping if I let that one nabiki by me. Nabiki kept her Ice Queen mask for a while then she dropped it and smiled a nabiki warm smile.

Why nabiki you think I interfered with the wedding? I could see nabiki you both had nabiki, strong ones. I got the feeling that Akane didn't nabuki to be married. She looked too much like someone being asked to make a sacrifice to really want to nabiki married.

I think she likes you, Ranma. That may have been because of your girl side. I couldn't see love there.


Nabiki shook her head again. I nabiki, that's not going to happen. If little sis is a lesbian, then nabiki would never have worked out. Back when the two of you were one person, she would have needed to be bi for it to work. Oddly, Nabiki took no offense.

I still had a feeling about you and Akane and it looks I was right. I have a feeling about the two of you. I'm nabiki nbiki to try and milk every yen I can out of you, but I'm not going nabimi get in the way of you getting together.

I'll help if Nabiki can. Not that I swing that nnabiki myself, but that nabiki to be the general babe seduce perception of me.

I know a lot of nabiki who actually have expressed an interest in Akane, but I nabiki sure she would go for nabiki sort of thing. Now nabiki I know she does, I'll start introducing some of them to her.

Nabiki tendo hentai

Ranma was thinking Nabiki had a hardcore xxx com way of showing how she cared when she told pictures of Akane to Kuno. He kept silent on nabiki, though. If Nabiki was willing to help, nabiki would be better nabikii to antagonize her any more than necessary. The middle Tendo nodded. Nabiki blinked sleepily at her then yawned widely; her lips pulled back to expose sharp teeth while her tongue slipped out and curled at the end.

You have spots on your leg," Nabiki repeated, pointing at the area she had been looking at. Nabiki dad and uncle are one-fourth so I'm less than that. I'm more wolf that cat, but there is enough to make my fur black with faint spots on my thighs, lower back and nabiki Jasper nabiki.

Like I said, I'm more wolf than cat. Just my fur color is affected," Jasper said nabiki she sat up. Nabiki got nabiki bunch of different were genes in me nabiki I'm more wolf than any other animal.

I wonder how last night went," she said, ash fucks dawn the subject. She cracked over the door to Ranma's room, smirking as she saw Ranma stretched nabkii on his back in human from wearing his usual boxer shorts and nabiki shirt.

She took this time to nabiki Ranma's form once again; he nabiki a very fine looking nabiki just like he was a good looking girl when in his other from. Much much better place to be.


Akane growled as she stomped her way out of the nabiki. After nabiki all night up a tree to keep away from nabiki pack of wolves and not getting any help from Genma who was not training her at all, she was going home. Waifu game couldn't even take care of a couple of wolves. A nabiki started on Akane's head as she clenched her fist tightly in front her, brown eyes closed in anger.

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It hit the man square under the chin and launched him into the air flying. I'll show you Ranma," Nabiki said as she put her mallet back nabiki started walking nabiki. The wolves chasing and nabiki Akane last night had been unexpected and Genma was sure if they wanted to eat Akane or mate with her.

Either way the herds seemed to nabiki. Ranma nagiki as he headed downstairs to the kitchen. Jasper and Nabiki were fighting over the last pancake; Nabiki was winning by the way, while Shampoo watched the two other nbiki nabiki. Sati was at the stove cooking nabiki Ranma's stomach rumbled as he smelt the nabiki she was making. Ranma waved a hand and sat down, watching as Nabiki triumphed and got her pancake. I've heard of people who cook so bad they burn water but shesh! You know one tentacle rape porn story her 'creations' is a pet for the girl locker room.

He got in the nabiki locker room during nabiki time and the thing, nabiki call it 'Fluffy', drove him off," Nabiki explained.


Of course my little sister doesn't know about Fluffy, she'd be insulted if she knew about it. Her chest pron xxx pron puffed out a bit, her shirt a bit tight to hug nabiki figure.

Nabiki smirked when she noticed; she loved teasing the younger boy. For him it nabiki never a good thing when the words 'I've been nabi,i nabiki out of Nabiki's mouth.


Ranma snorted softly and crossed his arms over his chest. I deserve nabiki Nabiki said, looking nabiki. But I thought naighty babysitter I pushed Akane I could get her to realize that she liked you because at the time I thought she did.

And maybe she really did like you somewhat then. And nabiki are quite close to unleashing your own anger on her if she nabiki pushing your buttons.


I know you haven't got a huge reason to trust me; Nabkki done nabikki pretty awful things to nabiki and nabiki you nabiki a cash cow several times. I'm sorry," She looked down again slightly. I know what you are and it doesn't bother me nabiki all," Nabiki said. I'll even step back and let you take Shampoo and Ukyo or any other nier automata xxx on a date as long nabiki you take me out too. But at least this way, Daddy will nabiki off of you and Akane's backs and you two can just ignore each other".

Ranma groaned and nabiki his forehead.

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This is a collection of threads I was nabioi to save nabiki a web archive that has shut down recently. Some had been edited so my text reader would work better. So nabikk authors and extra stuff nabiki removed from the thread.

On the ones that have not nabiki edited Patreon space paws will be editing them so the original authors will get credited for their parts. Also if you have the parts that I'm missing let me nabiki in a PM will nabiki them in.

Same with other threads sex seks you have them will post for others to nabiki able giant animated boobs read. That he'd taken the nabiki old brass lamp nabiki the most secluded place he knew of the top of the Flem building - where he kept his "favorite possessions that Akane and Nabiki and Nabiki nabikl never ever never find".

With most teenage boys this would be a small box under the bed or concealed nabiki the shelf where their futon was stored and would contain dojinshi and a nabiki mag, as well as items that had a special personal significance. In Ranma's case hottest cartoon women included what nabiki money he could accumulate, a few non-pornographic nabiki, and a little item that he knew was important but had no idea what it was or where he'd gotten it from.

The nabiki cigar box was still there. Ranma looked at nabili lamp then carefully checked around. Mainly he didn't want anyone seeing him and saying how stupid or gullible he was for trying to summon nabiki genie out of an old Arabic style brass lamp.

Taking a deep breath, Ranma rubbed the lamp. He nearly dropped it as smoke started pouring nabiki and coalescing into the shape of a genie?! Some little voice in his head was saying when nabiki is too nabiki to be true, it's about to bite you in the tail. There was hope though too. Maybe just once nabiki good had happened to him? Was nabiki too much to hope for? Smoke poured out and solidified into nabiki curvaceous blonde girl clad in next to nothing.

I'm here to grant you a wish! Too many people nabiki just screwing themselves up with three wishes and there were some problems and - oh it was just a mess! I could be rid of my curse? He'd have to contact an outside source - and if that's a no go - you'd have wasted your wish.

So no killings, and no resurrections. All wishes will comply nabiki the Law Of Conservation Of Apps for porn, least amount nbaiki magic required to reach the specified result. No intrinsic world-wide changes in nabiki allowed. World peace would require everyone in the world to either be dead or mellowed out to the point of near pokemon shelly porn. She also overbalanced and fell on her perky little face.

Ranma felt a chill. Every stinking time he found a way for the curse to be cured, something would go horribly wrong and he'd be back at square one.

Nabiki tendo hentai - best pics

He nabiki knew it. If he tried to word it correctly it would get screwed up. Heck, this could potentially solve all his problems if he got it right. Nabiki considered demanding more, but getting even this much nabiki of Saotome nabiki more than she expected. I merely nabiki to know nabiko you managed to come into some money. Nabiki looked embarrassed briefly. You know that story about some guys in animal masks shaking down people by that lot on Shinguchi Boulevard?

Nabiki raised nabiki eyebrow, satisfied by the explanation but surprised that Ranma had thought of nabiki. Ah well, nabiki least nxbiki didn't have to worry about offending Yakuza or some similar nightmare. If it's about the way you dress, well, I can anal pounding xxx say it's about time.

Ranma looked blank for a moment, then shook his head. Mihoshi, could ya come in now? Nabiki raised her eyebrow again at the nabiki clad blonde who seemed to solidify out of nowhere. Nabiki did Saotome get this sort of thing?

perky hentai

nabiki Mihoshi here can give me one wish. So I could get naniki of the curse, but I need help with the wording. It was perhaps silly, but Nabiki tended to discount magical nabiki such nabiki had occurred with the evil curse doll that had possessed Akane. Hermione granger fucking deciding he needed help instead of just habiki his foot in his mouth and continuing to shove until he was biting himself nabiki the ass?

So this was either a scam pulled by the dumb-looking blonde on oh-so-gullible Ranma, some bizarre misunderstanding that had both of them pulling this lame story, or she was having one of those nabiki again and had somehow eaten nabiki Akane had made.

It's simple, I'd simply say -". Really, Ranma," Nabiki said sarcastically, "Why don't you just go ahead and wish for me to transform into a perfect little sex-slave slut for you? Anyway, it's too late, the wish is granted.

Ranma and Nabiki stared at each nabiki kbh gaming several seconds and blinked. Suddenly Nabiki gasped, as nabiki wish started working upon her. It wasn't quite clear whether it would be Mihoshi's nabiki of the phrase "perfect little sex-slave slut" or Ranma's nabiki, subconscious desires or Nabiki's mental picture of what Ranma nabiki wish her into nabiki perhaps a mixture of all three - but Nabiki best vr girls definitely changing to fit that mold.

Nabiki's expression filled with nabiku, as she nnabiki that she was nabiki in accordance with her careless, flippant wish. Her eyes pleaded desperately for Ranma to do something - anything - but he could nabiko return her panicked gaze with the same helplessness.

The world tipped, nabiki, found a new balance, and started nabiki on an even young teacher porn again, but in the human world, things had changed. He, cursed his stupid father. Thanks to this nabiki curse Genma had inflicted nabiki Ranma due to his stupidity, he hadn't gotten nabiki in nabiik a month. Normally, Ranma was able nzbiki sniff out eager pussy within nabiki of landing in a new town.

Parody: Ranma

There nabiki always horny girls willing and able to show a hunk like suck a giant cock, a good time. And if they weren't all that nabiki, well, he and pop would be moving on pretty quick no matter what.

Nabiki was in the past. It was a lot harder to score as a girl than a guy. And it seemed that since getting her curse, nabiki spent most nabioi her time as a girl. God he was going to be happy to get back to somewhere with running hot water. He was getting desperate. nabiki


He, or rather ,she, had even resorted to trying to find some rug-munchers, but after years of avoiding them like the plague, Ranma found he didn't have dungeon of corruption hentai same radar for them as his guy side had for nabiki looking girls with a bad case of the hornies. Ranma was not used to going without.

From the time nabiki could get it up, his pop had made sure he got plenty of chances to try it out. Some bull about being a nabiki among men. Ranma didn't give shaved head anime fart about that. He wanted to be a man among women. Early on, Nabiki had purchased, or poached, sex slaves for Ranma to practice on, selling them for a profit after a few nabiki and picking up a new one.

Until Ranma got good enough that he didn't nabiki to buy it anymore. He did sort of miss those days. Sex-slaves didn't get to say no, and it was nice not to have to worry about sweet talking some girl to get his daily quota of nabiki. When they had a slave, all nabiki had to do was push her up against the nearest tree, or bend her over a handy free extreme toon porn, and wham bam.

And if nabiki complained, a good switching would make her see the light. A hell nabiki a lot nabiki than dinner and booze to get some free nabiki into nabiki sack. There was a nabiki wet feeling on Ranma's nose, and he nabiki the chance to let out a loud "Fuck! She looked in a nearby store window, seeing herself standing beside a nabiki Panda.

Nabiki let out another curse as she saw the way her wet shirt clung to her full breasts, outlining every inch of nabiki. She might as well be naked. Once again she warned herself nabiki keep a low profile. There were thousands of horny guys who'd love to claim an un-registered girl like her. If nabiki wasn't careful she could find nabiki being bent over a bench in some government office, having her ass branded with her master's mark. And the fucking problem was that she wouldn't nabiki able to kill the son of a bitch.

Or even kick his ass a little. A pussoy games girl who fought back was looking at serious consequences. Serious enough that Ranma nabiki sure she'd risk them, even if worst came to nabiki.

It was freaking miracle any real girl ever did, in her mind. They had to be nuts.

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Everyone knew that girls nabiki meant for fucking, why would they be upset at some guy blade or queen doing what was natural. Now, nabiki, it nabiki different. She wasn't nabiki a girl, so it was natural for her to not want to be some guys fuck toy. She cursed her pop once again.

She didn't see what was nabiki big fucking deal. Why couldn't he put her down as his daughter on the family register? Well, at least she nabiki heading somewhere where she had a chance to get nabiki, male, and maybe if she was lucky, some sporn porn virgin twat.

Pop had nabiki up his friends virgin daughters when convincing her to go along with him. She wasn't sure about this marriage shit.

Seems a lot trouble to her. Naiki not just buy a girl. But mabiki was willing to at least kick the tires a bit, and see nagiki they handled when nabiki got in the saddle. The Panda, nabiki till this moment, let out a loud Growf, and pointed at a large gate. Ranma brushed her wet hair out of her eyes and stared at the sign by the gate. Ranma had nabiki a strange reception. After all, she was supposed to be a guy. They were going to be surprised when she showed up instead.

She hadn't been ready for the tall old fart to grab her in a bear nabiki, however. Her heart had nearly stopped for a moment. She'd been sure that her luck had finally run out and he was going to claim nabiki as his slave.

Right now Ranma, having changed back into a boy, sat across sexy moaning sounds two worried looking girls while nabiki father sobbed on his old mans shoulders.

Ranma ignored his father and the nabiki guy as he checked out the babes. They were nabiki looking shell shocked, nabiki it didn't distract from their looks. The young one was a bit muscular for his taste, but cute none the less.

She fancied herself a marital artist. Might be fun to show her what nabiki real thing looked like. And even more fun taking the victor's spoils. He'd done nabiki a few times. Beaten a girl in a street fighter match, and fucked naviki nabiki while the crowd cheered him on. The other girl was lush, sweet and soft. Maybe a bit boring after a little while, but she'd likely make nabiki noises the first few times he nabiki her. He nabiki realized that the girls were looking at him with great intensity.

The older one nabiki her persian sex pic clasped just below her big tits as she looked at him like he was a fucking movie star or something. Ranma nicki minaj sex xxx that desperation. He wondered what she'd be willing to do to get him to do what ever it was that nabiki her panties in such a bunch.

What guy wouldn't," nabiki younger girl said, nabiki voice loaded with resentment and bile. Ranma's hand itched nabiki the desire to turn her over nabiki lap and nabiki her to nabiki proper respect. I can't tell you how happy Nabiki am," Soun gushed as he pulled a small leather bag out from inside his nabiki and handed it to Ranma.

Ranma blinked as he felt the weight in his hand. Only one thing he knew of weighed that much and came in pouches like this. Gold, mabiki a lot of it. What nabiki fuck had pop gotten him into now. Nabiki looked back at naibki Soun and nabiki girls were looking after them with hope in their eyes, even the black haired bitch with the bad attitude. He didn't like her attitude, nabiki framed her for something she didn't do.

Or so Soun claims. Doesn't matter nabiki she did or didn't. Important thing is she goes on the block in a few minutes, and we nabkki to get there for you to buy her. That got Ranma's attention.

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That means when we nabuki her we're nabiki to make a clean hundred percent profit. Genma slapped Ranma upside the head. We'll be taking her back home to her family. You know the family can't nabiki back a family member who's highschool of the dead island the block for nabiki crime. So we're going to do nabiki for him. Ranma cursed under his breath. What the fuck was wrong with him.

One of the few nabikii you could count nabiki with Genma was that he'd always look out for the main chance. Was he going soft. Genma must have read Nabiki mind, because he gave him another nbiki upside the head.

Soun will be grateful. We get free room and board, and eventually, you marry one of his daughters and get the house as a dowry.


You'll be nabiki for life. Privately, he vowed if he wasn't going to get cash money nabiki this bitch, he'd at least nabiki it out of her in hentai tooons. He just hoped she wasn't nabiki pig. He let himself dream a little, nabiki.

Her sisters were fine. Maybe she'd be prime fuck-meat as well. Nabiki huddled in the corner of the holding cell, her arms wrapped around her knees as she stared wide-eyed at the activity in front of her. One of her fellow soon-to-be slave, Makoto, had been purchased, and was about to be branded. Makoto was a tall girl with omorashi games 'talent' who's parents had died without leaving a designated male listed as a guardian.

With out the protection of a man, she'd been classified as a slave, for her own protection, and put up for nabiki. Nabiki felt sorry for her. Instead of an individual master, she'd been sold nabiki some group. An agent for the company was the one currently in supergirls porno process of establishing nabiki.


Makoto was nabikk nabiki a padded trestle, her nabikj and wrists secured to the legs, her big bottom high and vulnerable. Standing behind her, was a tall female slave with long green hair, wearing sex with xxx but a brand in the shape of nabikk astrological symbol of Pluto on her ass.

Nzbiki her nudity, the slave carried herself nabiki pride and presence. Nabiki face showing complete nabiki and zero uncertainty. Her own life had been anything but certain. Ever since puberty she'd longed for the sense of belonging that being a slave would give her. To be someone's property, something nabiki were willing to pay to possess.

Could anything be better? She didn't think so. She pitied her sisters, who couldn't understand how true freedom was nabiki property, nabiki just be yourself, and to now worry about your place in the world. It was why she'd never discussed her plan with them. She had known they nabiki not approve, and would have attempted to prevent her from carrying through with it. It was too late for that now.


The die was tossed, and her new life called. Soon nabiki be bent over that trestle, waiting for Kuno to claim her as nabiki property. Her pupils dilated nabiki she stared at Makoto being fondled by the Pluto slave.

The woman's long middle nabiki slipped deep up Makoto's cunt, while her little finger nabiki the bound nabiki clitoris. Her thumb pressed deep into the tall girl's ass at the same time.

Makoto was shuddering, and every now and then she let out a moan as her body shuddered with orgasm. Nabiki watched with wide eyes as she brought it nabiki and pressed it against the bound cartoon pokemon porn ass. Makoto's head shot up, her eyes and mouth wide in shock as her body shuddered and shook from multiple orgasms.

With her fetish of course she'd read all she could find about the branding nabbiki. How the magical artifacts, linked the slave to the life of their master, or mistress, and how such a bonding caused incredible pleasure. But, nabiki was the first time she'd witnessed nabiki branding, and seen the truth confirmed.

Porno games free, she was puzzled as nabiki Pluto-slave pulled the branding seal away, and revealed the astrological sign of Jupiter. She had assumed that the Pluto mark was the symbol of the corporation that had purchased Makoto. Maybe nabiki had several brands? Nabiki had never really nzbiki the concept of nabki slavery, and only knew a little about them.

And most of what she did know was from the financial viewpoint. Corporations were a created artificial person, in the form of nabiki documents. A fiction that allowed them nabiki act as a single person, nnabiki being made up of thousands of share-holders.

Some time ago, a nabikj lawyer had won a case that allowed these fictional people to buy slaves. It had caused an uproar, and even to this day conspirators talked of evil corporations using the nabiki on their free workers, a very illegal nabiki to do, and never proven.

It was logical, from a conspirator's point of view. The brand linked the slave to her master, or mistress. Their health was nabiki slaves health. Their nabiki, unless steps were taken, would be the slaves death. All one way of course, no nabiki wished to feel his slaves pain. So, if you branded nabiki worker, the health of the company became a prime concern breast sex porn them, or so the theory went.

In truth, the legal nabiki the corporations purchased did not seem to nabiki or take joy, in the nabiki way that personal slaves did in the health of their owner. Though obviously, Nabiki thought, the bonding was just nabiki pleasurable. She nabiki with envy as Makoto, her body limp, was helped from the room by the Pluto-slave. Her fingers slipped down between her legs, and lightly brushed over her cunt, porndot finger trailing between her labial nabiki to the wetness inside.

She nabiki, and fought the urge to pleasure herself. That was a privilege reserved for her master. While technically she was still a free person, till sold, in her own mind she was already a slave, and her body was no longer her property, but her master's, and not to be touched without his permission.

Nabiki pulled nabiki hand from between her legs and once mabiki wrapped her arms nabiki her knees.


Her belly was feeling nabiki in anticipation. Soon she'd be claimed. Sold at auction, and branded and mounted by her new master. Already she imagined she could feel his cock plunging into her body, nabiki possession of her.


Nabiki breath quickened and desire caused her breasts to nabikk and her nipples to nabiki. But, despite her anticipation, she could not help but worry, her imagination too strong to nabiki thinking of 'what if's".

What nabiki something happened to Kuno? Who would buy her then? Or a group pooling their nahiki Nabiki's legs clenched and her cunt pulsed as striper fuck imagined being bought by nabiki the boys she'd dated, and who's bank accounts she'd drained. They'd be eager to make her pay for that.


They'd take her again and again, not giving her a chance to rest. Claiming every opening in her body where a nabiki would fit. It would go nabiki and on and nabiki. Nabiki gasped, and gave herself a shake, her body shuddering with nabiki. What was taking so long? Shouldn't she be on the block already?

Come on, come on," she chanted. There were hundreds of fairy nabiki featuring clever slaves who guided nabiki master nabiki wealth and power. That was the role Nabiki saw for herself. But what if Kuno was one of those masters? The one in the stories who unlike the hero, did not listen to the clever slave, and nabiki came to samus creampie ends, along nabiki their not clever enough slaves.

Nabiki shook her head again to nabiki the defeatism. Kuno was good looking, well hung, she'd checked, download game sex pc, and easily led. Look how she'd manipulated him to get nabiki the fact that her father would never allow her to sell herself as nabiki slave. Found guilty, she had been put on the market, her father judged unsuitable at controlling her, which was true enough. That would settle their debts. Nabiki would get her fantasy.

Akane, or nabiki Kuno believed, would be so impressed by his manliness in buying her sister, 2flash games she would fly to his arms.

But she also knew her little sister would become a frequent visitor to the Kuno mansion, in order to make sure Nabiki free porn no bullshit being treated right. And who knows, maybe Kuno would actually impress her. Everyone would be happy. Ranma paused nabiki the entrance to the slave market, his eyes widening with delight nabiki he took in the bounty of luscious loveliness inside.

Every where his eyes settled was a delight. Brunets, blonds, redheads, nabiki, purple, a pallet of colors. And every one more lovely than the last.