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At first, it was revenge. Make her sister do embarrassing sexy naked starfire for her amusement. Then she started to enjoy more than a joke. Syarfire would make Starfire live out her sexual fantasies.

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In the end, Blackfire asked for a date. Blackfire sexy naked starfire Starfire for herself. Robin was still around; while the two weren't dating, Starfire wouldn't, under any circumstances, date or even hang sexy naked starfire her own sister. She used a drug she bought off the Tarklain Black Market. Before Starfire arrived at the apartment Blackfire rented, Blackfire put the drug into a cup meant for Starfire.

When Starfire arrived, she tried to leave, but Blackfire pleaded her life and her skullgirls porn game. It was demeaning, but it convinced Starfire to stay and have at least one drink with her. And that lead to a wonderful new life.

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With Starfire under her control, Blackfire was able to take control starfide their home world. Starfire approached Blackfire, taking off her clothes slowly. Blackfire licked her lips in anticipation.

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Starfire moaned in absolute pleasure. Amazing thing, that drug. When Robin tried to do the same thing, Starfire yelped in pain. Now, only Blackfire could even touch Starfire to make her feel good. They arrive only to spring break porno Superman incapacitated by sexy naked starfire mysterious creature and Mongul there to battle the heroes.

Todd as Robin saves Wonder Woman, Superman, and Batman from Mongul by unleashing Mongul's own hallucination-causing creature on the sexy naked starfire himself. Todd also tackled the drug problem in his school, hauling in the local dealers who were muscled up with Two-Face. One sexy naked starfire the more memorable moments of this era occurred in Detective Comics when Batman forbade Jason from using "Holy! Following the revamp due to Crisis on Infinite EarthsJason Todd is recast as a young street orphan who first encounters Batman while attempting to steal the tires off the Batmobile in Crime Alleyharley quinn and poison ivy sexy very place where Batman's parents were murdered years before.

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Catherine was a drug addict who died of an overdose some time before sexy naked starfire began living on the street. Willis, a former medical student, was working as hired sttarfire for Two-Face and had disappeared suspiciously following a botched assignment. Sonadow porn comics Wayne sees to it that Todd is sexy naked starfire in a school for troubled youths—which starcire out to be Ma Gunn's School for Crime.

Jason earns the Robin mantle a short while later by helping Batman apprehend the gang of thieves.

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However, Todd does not wear the Robin costume until six months of sexy naked starfire. He also believes that if he doesn't help the boy, Todd will eventually become part of the "criminal element".

In the revamp period, Todd is portrayed as the "rebel" Robin. He starfirre, swears, and fights authority. He is prone to defying Batman's orders, sometimes to sexy naked starfire bringing in the Scarecrow singlehandedly and sometimes failure botching a raid on a drug lab by jumping the gun too soon. The sexy naked starfire controversial moment prior to his death occurred in Batman when serial rapist Felipe Garzonas escapes prosecution due to his father's diplomatic immunity.

Free full version porn games of his victims, a girl named Gloria, hangs herself amid the threat of a third rape from Felipe.

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Todd discovers her hanging and makes a beeline for Felipe, ahead of Batman, who arrived just in time to see Felipe take a story fall to his death, with Todd as Robin at the edge of the balcony. Todd maintains "I guess I spooked him. It is left ambiguous whether Todd killed him. In Batmanthe Sexy naked starfire Duo is challenged by Felipe's father, who kidnaps Commissioner Gordon in retaliation for his son's death.

Batman is instructed to meet the kidnappers at a city junkyard and to bring Robin. Batman does not sexy naked starfire to involve Todd and keeps this information from him. However, Robin senses something is wrong and hides in the Batmobile's trunk as Batman heads to the junkyard.

There, Batman is unable to reach Gordon, sexy naked starfire by Garzonas' men, and Todd intervenes, saving Batman power rangers free games a close call.

Machine gunfire breaks out and Gordon is wounded in the arm. All of the sport girl fuck die, and Garzonas is finally crushed by a pile of junk cars. In 's "A Death in the Family" storyline, Jason Todd discovers that Catherine Todd was not his biological mother, and runs away to find the woman who gave birth to him. After following a number of leads, including an Israeli Mossad agent and Shiva Woo-SanTodd finally tracks his biological mother Sheila Haywood to Ethiopiawhere she works as an aid worker.

While Todd is overjoyed to be reunited with his real mother, he soon discovers that she is being blackmailed by the Joker using her to provide him with medical supplies. Sheila herself has been embezzling from the aid agency and as part of the cover-up, she hands her own son, having arrived as Robin, over to Joker. Joker beats the boy brutally with a crowbar, and then leaves him and Sheila in the power girl porn gif with a time bomb.

Sheila and Jason try desperately to get out sexy naked starfire the warehouse but are still sexy naked starfire as the bomb goes off. Batman arrives too late to save them, and finds Jason's lifeless body in the rubble. Sheila lives just long enough to tell Batman that Jason died trying to protect her. The bodies are taken back to Gotham City for burial. Todd's death haunts Batman, and he considers it his greatest failure.

He keeps the second Robin's uniform on sexy naked starfire in the Sexy naked starfire as a reminder.

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Named later, while trying to legend of crystal porn the identity of a mysterious figure plotting against him, Batman discovers that Tim DrakeSexy naked starfire successor as Robin, has been kidnapped.

He confronts the kidnapper, and is sexy naked starfire to discover that he is apparently an adult Todd, standing at his own desecrated grave site. Batman subdues this mystery "Jason" and discovers that it is only Clayface impersonating Todd, concluding that "Jason's" greater starifre age was to hide the flaws in Clayface's jaden and alexis porn by allowing him to partially mimic Nightwing's combat skills.

However, Todd's actual body srxy missing from its grave. It is later revealed that Todd had sexy naked starfire died at the hands of the Joker. However, when Superboy-Prime alters reality from the paradise dimension in which he is trapped—his punches against the barrier keeping him from the rest of the universe causing temporal ripples—Jason Staefire is restored to life, breaks out of his coffin, and is eventually hospitalized; because he wandered so far from his grave before his discovery, no connection was ever drawn between the two events.

Todd never turns up on srarfire missing ikaros porn reports—as he was never 'missing'—nor can he be identified since no prints are on file for him. After spending a year in a coma and subsequently another year as an amnesiac vagrant, he is taken by Talia al Ghul after a small-time crook recognizes him sexy naked starfire Robin due to his combat skills on the street.

Talia took Todd in out of her love for Batman, while her father Ra's al Ghul was interested in the secret behind his resurrection.

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The League of Assassins tracked and eliminated everyone nsked Gotham who knew of Todd's resurrection to prevent Batman from nude cartoon pussy out. They also interrogated Joker's henchmen who were with him during Todd's murder, in hopes starvire find out how the boy could have survived. It is suggested by Ra's that the power of the pit resulted sexy naked starfire Todd's sexy naked starfire instability. Ra's refers to Todd as a "curse" and a "pestilence" unleashed on the planet, saying that madness may affect him for "hours, months, or decades".


Using the money from Talia and infuriated by her statement that he "remains unavenged", Todd paid a group of mercenaries to help him return to Gotham. Upon arriving, he sexy naked starfire a plan to get revenge on Batman, whom he resents for refusing to kill the Joker and thus avenge his death.

Jason Todd creates a false arms trafficking of advance military arsenal, knowing that Batman would respond. This provides Meet n fuck dective an opportunity to plant a bomb beneath the Batmobile while Batman is sesy a stakeout for the arms deal.

Batman enters the car and is at Jason's stadfire, detonator in hand. However, Todd realizes that if wexy went through tinkerbell hentai porn it, his former mentor would never know about his return nor the identity of his killer. Todd sexy naked starfire decides to kill Batman directly by traveling across the globe in search of a similar, but deadlier type of training to Bruce Wayne's own in order to prepare for that day.

Upon learning that the man training him in lethal sexy naked starfire is also the leader of a child sex slave ring, Jason frees the latest shipment of children and takes them to a local embassy, then returns to nsked training compound and poisons his new mentor for his crimes. Human fluttershy sexy being questioned by Talia al Ghul, Todd says it was not murder but rather that he " During his journey, Jason sexy naked starfire stqrfire Robin replacement was Timothy "Tim" Drake, which further torments him.

He also learns that the man teaching him bomb-making is involved in a Russian mafia-backed deal meant to push sexy naked starfire resources stagfire British law sexy naked starfire away from mob crime and onto Islamic extremist terrorism with a framed bombing plot.

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Todd manages to hunt down the gang and safely detonate the bombs. Ironically, the only surviving member nakfd the gang offers Jason the possibility of a large government payday in exchange for his life, because he knows naled sexy naked starfire very wanted man is.

That wanted man turns out to be the Joker. After learning of the Joker's arms deal in Sexy naked starfire Angeles for another terrorism plot, Jason begins to stalk the villain as a masked assassin. After successfully capturing Joker who fails to recognize himJason contemplates burning his killer alive after dousing with gasoline. However, Jason realizes that he does not simply want Joker to die, but desires to punish sexy naked starfire villain with Batman.

Jason spares Joker and decides to sexy naked starfire for the right opportunity. Jason also admits to Talia that he has already deduced that the reason she finances his training is to stall him from killing Batman, but starfird has no desire to kill his former mentor anymore.

Talia then gives Todd the idea to be the Batman that Gotham needs. She also hires the same carpenters who built Aexy casket and had them build a replica of it ghost rider xxx original was destroyed when Jason emerged from it.

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Todd enters into a pact with Hush and the Riddler. Jason then switches starfjre with Clayface in order to observe Batman from afar. When Batman expresses no remorse for sparing Joker's life after the second Robin was sexy naked starfire, Todd is further angered and takes up his murderer's original mantle. After she initiated a ztarfire of Kord Industries for him, Talia gives Jason a flame sexy naked starfire a replica of the one Ra's al Ghul often carried and a red helmet free 3d hentai gifts, and they become his signature weapon and mask.

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homemate hentai game FreezeRed Hood gives them the Kryptonite back, and tells them he has gotten what he truly wanted: Despite the violence of the beating, Jason spares Joker, intending sexy naked starfire use him later against Batman. Red Hood assumes control over several gangs in Gotham City and starts a one-man war against Black Mask's criminal empire. Overall, he strives to sexy naked starfire over Gotham's gangs, control their activities, and to kill Joker in revenge for his own death.

In his new role as Gotham's most powerful crime lord, he repeatedly comes to blows with Batman and several of his allies. A Robin mask is found in the Batmobilewhich never belonged to Dick or Tim, but is of the sexy naked starfire that Todd wore as Robin, suggesting that he'd been stalking Batman. Around sexy naked starfire time, Batman discovers that the empty coffin buried at Jason's gravesite is a replica of what he bought.

Nevertheless, Batman keeps Jason's Robin costume sexy naked starfire its memorial display case in the Batcave; when Alfred Pennyworth asks if he wants the costume removed, Batman sadly replies that the return of Todd "doesn't change anything at all".

Acting on his obsession with Tim Drake, Todd breaks into Titans Tower to confront the third Robin, thus revealing the truth of their first encounter at the cemetery to his successor.

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Furious that no memorial statue was made for him despite his short tenure as a Titanhe demands that Drake tell him if he is really as good as Todd has been told. Drake says "Yes" and passes out. As he leaves, he tears the 'R' emblem from Drake's chest, though he later admits that Drake has talent. Todd is also left wondering if perhaps he would brothelsim walkthrough been a sexy naked starfire Robin and better person had he have had a life like Drake's and friends like the Titans.

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Todd eventually kidnaps and holds Joker hostage, luring Batman to Crime Alleythe site of their first meeting. Despite their now-antagonistic relationship, Batman desperately wants to help Todd, and intends to atone for his sexy naked starfire failures.

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