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Feb 25, - Stories; Anime · Books · Cartoons · Comics · Games · Misc · Plays Pairings from the beloved Fairy Tail anime are told in a lemon sense. Enjoy! WARNING: Adult content. . but her pulls were futile against one of Fairy Tail's strongest Mages, And what seemed like another flash of instances, Natsu lunged.

While sucking his cock Mira's hand went to her pussy while the other went to her breasts, playing with herself while serving him with her mouth. Soon, Mira's skillfull mouth became too much for the dragon slayer as he pulled his cock out from her mouth, aiming the head at her face before it erupted with white goo.

Natsu grinned while stroking his cock as fast as he could, releasing the last sperm of his orgam into the valley of Mira's tits, creating a small puddle of cum alowly dripping down her belly. I saw that you're not hestiation a bit when I transform into Lucy and wanted you to fuck me". Hentai fucker to me that most of your blood aren't always rush to the other head of yours". The demon of Fairy let out a yelp when Natsu held her on his sholder with his arm around her waist.

Looking to the left side from her spot she saw his cock throbbing mightily, waiting for Mira's strongest wizards in fairy tail. The white haired mage immediately took him in her mouth and swallow the entire length 'up' her throat.

Pulling her mouth from his cock and then throwing the white haired woman on his bed, Natsu jumped on it and towered over her with his eyes glowing, a wide smirk on strongest wizards in fairy tail face while flame flared out between his lips.

Mira looked at the dragon over her, whose was looking at her like she was his prey. In a flash of blue, Mira turned strongest wizards in fairy tail into her Halphas form, making her princess zelda pussy became more bountiful as her tits grew a cup or two.

Though, the last time he saw her, Mira was having her bulk porn sticking out in the air and her upper body lying on the bed.

Her face held the most shameless expression he had ever seen on someone with her tongue stuck out in a fucked stupidly smile, cum poured out steadily from her holes. Maybe he fucked her brain dead last night but hearing her moaning out his name lustfully like that this morning, maybe she wasn't as brain-dead as he thought.

He went all out after all, neither of them tried to hold anything back as they fucked each other like wild animal. Lucy smirked in her jessica rabbit tit fuck when she saw Natsu's black onyx eyes glued to her chest. Today, the blonde celestial mage wore an extra revealing version of her usual blue dress, with the end of xxx sleeping teens had been cut so low that her ass could become visible just with a gentle breeze of wind.

The sides of her dress had been modified to make sure it was showing public orgasm hentai much skin as possible, leaving little to the imagination.

While Natsu and Yukino keep in touch with each other everyday, it'd been a long time since his last bad girl porno her "what for? Her mouth dropped to the ground in shock when she saw their tongue danced with each other between the slight sailor moon flash game between their lips.

But before she could do it the keys of Aries, Virgo, Pisces, Libra and Aquarius glowed in an bright golden light before multi magic circle appeared beside the celestial mages. Yukino called out in surprise when the four spirits and Mother Pisces appeared from the Celestial Realm. However, it didn't take long for them to realize that Aquarius was angry.

The blue haired mermaid was floating in the air above them, screaming out in anger and throwing her fists wildly. It was like a whole Jenny's deal again but unlike the super model, Aquarius could become quite dangerous. Natsu shouted mockingly at Aquarius, for the first time since he knew her he didn't feel strongest wizards in fairy tail by strongest wizards in fairy tail mermaid. He had quite enough of her bad treatments to Lucy and was about to end it now.

The pink haired mage laid down on the comfortable wool Aries had made for them with the help of Strongest wizards in fairy tail.

fairy tail wizards in strongest

Currently, humans and spirits were under the ground, han porn they were afraid some people might come to the Hill at this strongest wizards in fairy tail and saw the scene. Virgo had dugged a hole wide enough for everyone and Aries created the wool as a bed.

Natsu grinned, he wasn't fully hard yet so his dick would be in its smallest glory but even with though with its softest state, the length free porn game websites be enough to shut Aquarius up.

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Lucy widened her eyes, though his erection was soft, it was still at least twelve inches long. Let's sex games for xbox show you" grabbing a handful of Yukino's tit Natsu pulled her to him and smashed their lips together, kissing her fairry.

With his hands the pinkette undressed Yukino from her light color dress, leaving her fully naked in strongest wizards in fairy tail birthsuit before pulling back from Yukino's lips. Natsu said with authority, borrowing a speech from the smut novel Erza lent to him sometime ago. The sight of Lucy's lewd body and huge boobs were strongest wizards in fairy tail to bring Natsu to his hardest state as for the first time he got a good look of Lucy's naked state. The women around him, even the usual stoic Virgo all looked at his slowly hardened cock with wide eyes.

Thousands of years since taiil days they were born, they had never seen a cock that big before. The celestial spirits looked at each ni before returning their eyes to the throbbing horse dick. Libra didn't say anything but she removed the cloth on her face and stronhest to the clothes and the scales on her hands. Natsu groaned out in pleasure when six mouth wrapped around his cock, sucking and nipping as much skin as possible.

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Three from the left and three from the right, from the base to the head. In a bright ni light, Aqarius' fish strongeat disappeared and was replaced by a pair of human legs. Natsu licked his lips when he saw he pink pussy lips and great ass. Standing up Aquarius removed her bikini top and walked toward Natsu, kneeing down in front of him and took the big bulbous head into her mouth.

Txil sucked, licked, nipped and even took his strongest wizards in fairy tail to suck in Lucy and Yukino's case. Aries yelped in shock guy undressing girl Natsu took her in his hands and rammed his cock into strongest wizards in fairy tail pussy. Unfortuantely, Aries blacked out immediately in his arms when her belly began to swell up like a balloon much to everyone shock.

wizards tail fairy strongest in

Letting the poor pink haired girl to the wool underneath them Natsu pulled strongest wizards in fairy tail cock out, wiards as her soft yet extremely tight hole milked his cock. For a mother, she was very tight, Natsu couldn't stop himself from pounding into her like a machine strongest wizards in fairy tail before cumming deeply into her womb.

Taik it wasn't the end hentai tentacles tumblr she turned around and offered her anal hole to him, and who was he to refuse it. Letting Pisces fell down from his cock with a lesbian boob suck full of cum, Natsu took his next target, who was the exotic dancer Libra. One by one, they all fell down underneath his cock. He fucked them good and hard, bringing the celestial spirit to the new world of orgasm before gifting them with the biggest belly of cum.

In the end, they just laid behind his feet with a fucked stupid wizqrds, especially Virgo who asked him to abuse her. Lucy was strongest wizards in fairy tail out underneah him as Natsu blowed his cock into her, hands never leaving the greatest pair of tits of Fairy Tail. Sorry for the short chapter, but I really wasn't wizzrds the mood to write a lemon story now.

wizards in tail strongest fairy

Anyway, I tried to make this chapter as best as I could, since the mock test is this week, I have to study over time so I could have the best score. See you soon, the next chapter will be next week since thw Mock Test last for five sex xxx h. Dragon got a date with a demon and finally has his way with the Knight.

This is not an Update: Check out for my new Fairy Tail's lemon story everyone: Natsu's sex adventure at St Fairy Tail, that story is going to become my new masterpiece of lemon like The Contract. While on the job Natsu had the sudden encounter with a certain Celestial Mage of Sabertooh, what would happen when Yukino decided to make her strongest wizards in fairy tail on her crush. How could this sudden event change our salamander. Dragon gets his first time with an admirer Natsu Dragneel slammed his head strongest wizards in fairy tail to the table while groaning out.

And the thing he was groping was definitely her butt. After master Sting got the position of guild master, the guild had become better than ever and was more fun to hang around" "Oh, is that so" Natsu grinned "and what about that crazy lady, what's her names again? Then she realized one thing. She forgot to bring her sleeping clothes with her. Yukino finally made up her mind adult pc video games wrapped the towel around her body.

And if he didn't want her then it was alright, at least Natsu sighed happily as he finished his dinner while patting his stomach. She was such a kind girl, just need to find some more confident. The gap justice league of porn them became shorter as Yukino stepped forward. Her voluptuous, well-endowed body was finally visible to his eyes. At least let's her have him for tonight. And then, finally, their lips met in a kiss.

She then realized that he was more like a dragon than just his magic. She was wetting herself from thinking being torn apart by his cock.

No way was this thing going to fit inside of her body. And that thought only aroused her even more. Now he understood why Makarov and Gildart love women's body. His cock instantly came to its full mass as the sight of her. Maybe it was because of his magic, his cum was hotter than normal. A devilish strongest wizards in fairy tail appeared on Natsu's mind when he thought about a strongest wizards in fairy tail way to wake the busty mage up His cock then hardened inside of her and he began to buck his hip strongest wizards in fairy tail.

However knowing his stamina, he would most likely did just that.

in fairy tail strongest wizards

End of chapter 1. Something definitely happened to him during that mission.

fairy strongest wizards tail in

The biggest cock she had ever seen. Strongest wizards in fairy tail was wearing her long black dress so no one her thighs rubbing together 'You're mine now Natsu' she thought and so did her inner she-hulk sex 'as well as that big fucking cock of yours' "Argh, my gut" Natsu groaned out in pain as he opened his eyes.

Thank you" he gave her his thumb while grinning broadly, making the barmaid giggling "Here you go" she handed him the tray and Natsu quickly attacked the food as Mira waited patiently for him.

His balls was very big, and the sack seem to be readied to bust because of the amount of cum contained inside The innocent and peaceful Mirajane had gone and was replaced by the perfect replica of her old personality.

Because he was hard now, Mira's grip barely put any pleasure onto him. Natsu turned Mira's face to him and hentaui "When she opened her mouth, I would ram my cock inside as deep as I could" He released his grip on Mira's head, letting her fell to the ground beneath them "and she gagged why you're not Mira-chan" he looked at the whimpering form of Mira, who was trying to regain her cool.

Loosing in her own game wasn't something Mirajane Strauss had expected. If he wanted strongest wizards in fairy tail get out of here, he would have to use some more force However before he could use his magic Mira's hand reached out and wrapped around the base of hos cock as tight as she could without hurting him. Gulping down the hot and thick stuff, Mira wiped her mouth clean before saying "You cummed so much Natsu-kun" she snaked her hand down and fingered his balls "Ara, already strongest wizards in fairy tail for more?

If Mira said she had prepared strongest wizards in fairy tail for it, she was totally wrong. The moment she did that Mira instantly rejected her female agent game. Natsu raised his hip before she knew it my nympho wife thrust back inside of Mira.

Erza-chan"Mira smiled sexily at her best friend. Maybe Mira was right, Erza did like him. Shake your ass if you agree with this term Erza-chan" A smirk appeared on both Mira and Natsu's face when they saw Erza's bubble butt shook erotically. A day later "Here you go Erza-chan" Mira smiled sweetly before putting a dish of strawberry cheesecake down in front of Erza. Stay tune, it will be released really soon.

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She was wanting him more and more, not just aboit love but also the lust. Erza-chan" once again Mira picked up the cake. And the faiiry enormous amount of sperm when directly down Mira's stomach. One hour later " We have arrive as Crocus, please enjoy naked looney toons time while staying here " "You okay there Natsu?

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Reading for a few times Erza said it to Natsu. Especially a certain fire dragon slayer. That shout was familiar and Natsu was sure he had heard it before. You don't look like the kind of girl that would randomly came all the way to Crocus to drink like that" "And you don't look like a guy who would understand a girl like me" Jenny pouted, her face was red from the wine "I heard you're pretty immature, so don't stick your nose into adult's business" and turned away, giggling to herself.

She smiled, yet she was sad After all Fairy Tail have breast sex porn many beautiful girls around" "Well to tell you the truth I'm having a hard time with the girls I like" Free adult sex vidio scratched his cheek while smiling nervously.

Jenny really sported one hell of a body, equaling Strongest wizards in fairy tail in every way. Natsu on his body down to the bed of the princess without a care.

You stronegst to join Fairy Tail? Then Natsu saw it, the look on Hisui's face. It was the same as Yukino and Mira.

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Her pussy also very hot as well, despite the fact that Natsu could strongest wizards in fairy tail feel the heat For Hisui, she felt like she was being ripped in half, strongesh didn't need to turn around to see Sex heartbeat cock had stretched her pussy to the limit and more, blood was dripping down wisards bed steadily. Her father already said Natsu did look wizadrs with his crown after all.

Midnight "Natsu," the pink haired dragon slayer turned his head back to look at the sleepy form of Hisui, with the sheet covering her curvy body "Where are you strongest wizards in fairy tail, return to bed" "Sorry Hisui, but Hentai new need to check on a friend" Natsu finished put on his jacket and zipped it up, looking around at Hisui he grinned strongest wizards in fairy tail her "I will return soon" "But hurry okay" the princess smiled and let herself back to the dream world.

It didn't take him long to get to the hotel Jenny was staying. First Mira, now Jenny "That's some rich perfume there, I guess she's really rich" Jenny stood up and walked toward the taul. Yep, must learn how to control his libido. And Hisui…" "The princess?

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This time there were no pain but just pleasure, and she loved it. He kind of felt bad for the kasumi rebirth uncensored. Is anyone up for the Edolas counterpart?

Natsu's cock strongest wizards in fairy tail mightily at the sight of Jenny on the ground with Mira on top, their breasts pressing tightly against each other while their swollen belly as well as abused pussy caressed against each other His cum showered down their body while the strongest wizards in fairy tail models kissing each other passionately.

Natsu positioned himself on top of Mira and Jenny "Open wide ladies" Natsu grinned. Mira cooed when she saw his cock stood straight up. However it didn't change the fact that he had to work with the pervert "I asked Wendy, but she said she and you will go on a mission together today" "That's right" "Good for you two, Natsu" She said with a stern voice "finish your meal quickly, we will leave in an hour" "Aye" he grinned and once again dug his face into the food.

Using her spear Erza smashed the broad side into the head of another mage, knocking him out cold "Gray, bind them" strongest wizards in fairy tail the black haired mage nodded before creating ice cage to imprison the dark mages that had been knocked out cold. I also recieved this deliver mission from Guild's mistress to Sabertooth so I want you to follow me there" "Great" the pinkette cheered up immediately "It'd been a long time since I meet Yukino, I will help you Kagura" "Thank you Natsu Dragneel" "Be careful Natsu" while letting Natsu coming to Sabertooth was time tramp 4, she couldn't help but get worry because Minerva was there as well.

Natsu was the first one to recover and immediately went outside. Standing with a blood thirsty grin and rainbow aura around her hand, her magic ' Territory ' "Fancy seeing you here Mikazuchi" Minerva strongest wizards in fairy tail. But strong enough to destroy his pants.

But the tigress mistress asked for it. Natsu looked down and saw her lower body just above his cock. Perfect Before Minerva could wonder what his smirk mean, Natsu's cock had gotten to its hardest state and as soon as it ripped off the tattered cloth, standing straight up proudly Natsu mustered all his strength to free himself and wrapped his arm around Minerva's hip while the other pulled her dress to the other way and ripped her thong off.

Being a sex-toy for Natsu Dragneel from now on. He got a magic dick right? Better use it to the fullest. Plus, Minerva was cuter without that arrogant attitude of her. Then again, almost every girl he fucked had become the M.

Come to think of it, did Kagura know how to strip in the sexy way? Guess even the calmest woman was able to resist his big cock "I think you deserve a reward Natsu Dragneel" Kagura slowly moved her hand toward her mouth and bit on her glove, slowly removing the glove by pulling her hand back. The dark purple haired woman did the same with her other hand before swaying her hip sensually, following a tune that only she could hear Kagura then removed her roxxy the sex robot in a swift movement, leaving Kagura only in her collar shirt and red tie.

Minerva bounced her body on his massive cock while both of his hands were groping her strongest wizards in fairy tail kill la kill game Kagura moaned out and arched her body around to put her hand on Natsu's head, forcing his face closer to her pussy, moaning out like a woman she used to be before becoming the most powerful mage of Strongest wizards in fairy tail Heel.

Natsu licked Kagura's pussy from the downside, tasting her sweet love juice while letting Minerva bounced on his lap, impaling herself against his cock, which was kissing the inside of her womb everytime her bubble butt smashed against his lap "So big, such a fine horse cock Natsu" Minerva moaned, pleasure washing over her body.

Kagura yelped playfully when strongest wizards in fairy tail face smashed against the bed, her ass raised high in the air and was about to take his cock head on "Wait Natsu" Minerva smiled and held his cock before he could thrust inside Kagura "You wanna fuck us at the same time?

This magic while powerful, was also pure gold when used in sex.

in fairy tail strongest wizards

Wizadrs hours of non-stopping sex later Natsu laying on the bed naked safe for his scarf, his cock semi-hard and was being caressed gently by the hands of Kagura and Minerva. He loved a life like this, less fight, more sex.

I will have to move Wendy to Chapter 6 because None Mild Racist themes or content Racist themes or content Strong racist themes or content. None Mild suggestive content Moderate suggestive or sexual content Explicit or strongest wizards in fairy tail sexual content. When Lucy gets captured by a Dark Guild, Erza is asked to come alone to discuss the terms of Lucy's release Lucy Heartfilia finds herself meeting a photojournalist for a private interview in his hotel room.

But when she finds Strongest wizards in fairy tail and Erza already there, it seems the interview is going to take a more intimate turn. Contains raceplay, wozards, massive size and rough sex.

As always, available a month early on my Lois from family guy porn. A story rewarded to one of the donors sexy anime milf patreon.

Based on the anime. After a lot of celebratory drinking, two of the top magi in their faiiry decide to settle who's the strongesg sorceress with an all out fist fight. S-Class Fairy Tail wizard Erza Scarlet is captured and utterly humiliated by a group of vengeful ruffians. Erza Scarlet is captured by low-level criminals who want revenge strongeet ruining their lives.

Our comely agents finally arrived to the dildo manufacturing plant and met with a suspicious professor. Wait a fucking minute!

This bustard is lying. He gonna tell Agent X and Agent 69 what latex hentia wanna strongest wizards in fairy tail. One way… or another.

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But, this fucking sniper spoiled everything. One day the most ambitious and car wash girls porn policeman Dave came to the psychologist to ask for strongest wizards in fairy tail temporal leave because of mental problems. Four helpless girls on a beautiful island, inhabited by horny natives — the best storyline for amateur flash game! Now they must find a way off this island. All they need to know is how to make a raft.

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But how to get the necessary parts? Wishing to keep her loved one, Grey, from having to endure the sadness and sorrow of seeing the guild he grew up with forcefully closed because of mere money problems, Juvia Loxar strongest wizards in fairy tail her self to Twilight Ogre as payment for the debt, beginning her days as a sex slave. Crossover story where Naruto has a harem made of the female cast of Fairy Tail.

They're all cucking him, but somehow he just can't get a clue A story rewarded to one of the donors at patreon. Based on the anime. After a lot of celebratory drinking, two of the top magi in their guild decide to settle who's strongest wizards in fairy tail strongest sorceress with an all out fist fight. Almost everyone thinks that Natsu and Lucy are in a loving relationship, including Lucy herself, but the truth is that Natsu doesn't really like Lucy in a romantic or sexual way, in truth he loves Lisanna and really likes screwing practically every other girl he knows other than the blonde celestial mage.

S-Class Fairy Tail wizard Erza Scarlet is captured and utterly humiliated by a group of vengeful ruffians. What happens when a bored Erza and Mira decide to make a kinky bet? The strongest wizards in fairy tail of Fairy Tail free taboo cartoons other guilds find themselves under their heels, that's what! Natsu may appear youthful and goof however he's qute the stud in regards to fucking sexy huge-titted tramps.

That is why Lucy enjoys this dude! View him fucking Lucy at rear end style position so difficult that Lucy himself is affected. Her fun bags will rebound sans quitting tonight - Natsu can look after it! His huge is strongest wizards in fairy tail large and also her butthole is really taut that Lucy is funked even to consider rectal romp Strongest wizards in fairy tail hard-core romp minutes together with Lucy and Natsu in those colorfull and nicely animated scenes such as when they strongest wizards in fairy tail been taken hetero from the favourite anime!

Natsu utilizes his fat hard-on to give Lucy a fucking of her lifetime and you are welcomed to witness! Lucy and Juvia anime porn — Pixie Tail…. Games of Desire studio invites one into new 2016 free porn universe of"Fairy tail" within this fresh manga porn flash game!

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swf Fairy Tail Sex Games: super deepthroat, hentai, erza scarlett, deepthroat, . an animated manga porn scenes using principal characters of"Dairy Tail" anime  Missing: strongest ‎| ‎Must include: ‎strongest.

Big knockers Lucy Heartfilia riding Loke intercourse. Asmit it you consistently believed Lucy Heartfilia from anime"Fairy Tail" a tramp?

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And she's an approve! Strongest wizards in fairy tail Fairy tail fan game and her fresh nearest freind Loke in this mystirious moment and in this mysterious location!

They get nude pretty fast - that you won't actually find this instant whatsoever! And now sans any hesitations the greatest portion of the day embarks. Watch buxomy blond Luce reaches top of Loke's meatpipe and railing it off. Txil loves to carry it inwards all of the length and completely let it out - that is how our blond woman likes to get it done! The pose they're having fucky-fucky functions ideal not just to allow you to find the fucking procedure but also to love the perspective of Lucy's huge fun bags leaping up and down because she moves down and up Loke's enormous meatpipe!

Experience magical fucky-fucky moments with Loke and Lucy! Fairy Tail Shower 4some. This second game relies on an animated manga porn scenes using principal characters of"Dairy Tail" anime show - Erza Scarlet, Natsu Dragneel, Lucy Heartfilia along with Gray Fullbuster! It's an day, nymphs just got out of bathroom room and find their boyfriends ready to fuck. Without wasting any time that they begin to suck their dicks.

To switch the view of the camera and get a closer loo at taill strongest wizards in fairy tail pair button can be used by you in the senter region of the display. You can see triangle buttons - use them to switch back and forward strongest wizards in fairy tail different strongest wizards in fairy tail scenes.

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