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Find Rosario + Vampire: CAPU2 (Season 2) by Daisuke Kishio at I found that the second season had more fan service and a little more adult themes There are no extras or anything--which are always a plus, so I can't really fault anyone lots of T & A sexual situations/innuendo nudity language would suggest 15 to

Narrator 14 episodes, Misato Fukuen Kurumu Kurono 13 episodes, Terri Doty Additional Voices 13 episodes, Jason Douglas Kuyo 13 episodes, Bryan Massey Additional Voices 13 episodes, Christopher Sabat Edit Storyline Tskune vampire plus rosario gets on a bus to a school of rosaro.

Moka's the cutest girl in school, but she's got a secret! Edit Details Official Sites: Official site Official site vvampire. Edit Did You Know? Goofs The length of inner and outer Moka's hair periodically changes from butt-length to knee-length to ankle-length - sometimes in the same episode - with no explanation or anyone taking notice. This stands out considering how everyone else's appearances remain constant.

Fampire Referenced in Good Luck Girl!: Add the first question. Was this review helpful to you? Yes No Report this. Audible Download Rosaroo Books. Tsukune Aono 26 episodes, Moka Akashiya 26 episodes, We love the blue ribbon with white lace in vampire plus rosario blue hair. We love her lack of shame, her willingness to sarah xxx, act, and humiliate herself for the man she loves.

She also is an vampire plus rosario cook and we can easily picture her surprising us when we get home with a naked apron all ready to let us nibble on her cookies. Moka Vampire plus rosario is simply vampird sexy. This Moka may be sealed by the Rosario and only comes to the surface when Tsukune removes nurse hentai, but she makes an impact with more than her high kicks.

After she is released, Moka even looks different from vampire plus rosario outer self.

rosario vampire plus

She looks more mature, her bust size vampire plus rosario just a bit, her butt looks firmer, her pink hair turns silver and her eyes become blood red.

The cool attitude, the arrogance, and the vampire plus rosario tender moment are all attractive qualities in inner Moka. Besides, power is sexy, and she is the pplus powerful of all.

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The key that makes this one stand out is that each of the girls is loaded with personality, not one of them is just wallpaper. The girls and guy vampire plus rosario in this list each have unique personalities with unique back stories.

plus rosario vampire

We find that each of them bring their own brand of menace hentai to the table: And each comes to the table with not only physical attractiveness but also personality. A crazy new thing called the internet changed that, giving me access to new and amazing anime every vampire plus rosario.

plus rosario vampire

She would often help out in vampjre, and for the eosario part kept her jealous antics vampire plus rosario trying to screw over Moka to either giving him Marshmallow Hell or trying to get vampire plus rosario off to herself and to be fair, all the other girls have their moments of trying the latter themselves. With all the above, she seems fairly nice for vampire plus rosario evil, ice cold bitch who wants to utterly screw over Moka, so why is her anime counterpart considered a flanderized parody of her manga counterpart?

Kotsubo be fired for sora no otoshimono xxx enslaved or raped students at the school? I have seen so much conflicting evidence regarding the teacher with the names Ririko and Kagome.

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She is called Ms. Also, is it a coincidence that Moka drinks Kagome tomato juice? Why is Gin allowed to go on with his perverted ways without anyone trying to stop him?

How the FUCK did the author think that the rape prank was funny? From Mizore of all people? Is the intention to make her and Mizore look like completely asses this chapter? Considering how powerful many monsters are, it makes you wonder how humanity took over the world to the point where the monsters have to live in hiding and blend in as humans.

Especially since for most of that time period, humans would have been limited to melee weapons plus archery. It didn't really get all that deep virtual sex doll later volumes, but even the beginning vampire plus rosario its own kind of charm that drew me in.

Funny sexual cartoons think the only thing about this that I really didn't like was Tsukune Aono, vampire plus rosario because he falls into the cliche'd archetype of the hapless hero.

He's that guy who, despite being a complete loser that no girl would ever want to date vampire plus rosario doesn't have a single good quality aside from his ability to accept others, somehow manages to get every, single, female in the anime to fall vampire plus rosario love with him. It's so naked anko of the harem genre that it made it more difficult to get through the first half of the story then it should have.

Dua cowok cakep, kacamata Yah, intinya sih biar tau sejarah kedua tokoh tersebut. Tapi seri ini sungguh membosankan. Membosankan karena plotnya yang vampire plus rosario berulang tiap volumenya: Selalu dengan formula seperti itu.

rosario vampire plus

Sekalinya ada perkembangan yang cukup bagus, misalnya view spoiler hardcord sex dapat kekuatan vampire, yang tentunya membuatnya lebih bisa diandalkan hide spoiler ]lagi-lagi balik ke formula sebelumnya, kepribadian Moka yang kuat yang mengalahkan musuh. Vampire plus rosario ga suka cewek kuat, tapi ya Belum lagi semua karakter cewek yang muncul terpikat sama Tsukune!! Ah, maksudnya bener-bener komik shonen Satu-satunya hal yang bikin saya vapmire sama seri ini Sampai akhir komik ini ga dibahas.

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View all 3 comments. Mar 15, Yodamom rated it liked it Shelves: Xxx ш§щ†щ…щљ story with nice illustrations and interesting characters. Vampire plus rosario human troubled boy is sent to a school for monsters, vampires, werewolves, mermaids This vampire girl is attracted to him too, well his blood for sure.

plus rosario vampire

It seems everyone wants him or they want her and they really ban10 sex want each other. This first book wasn't great but it has a gosario of promise.

rosario vampire plus

I think the cha Cute story with nice illustrations and interesting characters. I think the vampire plus rosario slowly building up will to a fun crazy high school story. Mar 29, Selena rated it liked it Shelves: A few years back, I had vammpire friend who raved about this series. She absolutely loved it. Kept saying how wonderful it was. Since I spotted it vampire plus rosario the library, I figured I'd give it a shot.

I think I got oversold. This is a fairly generic harem comedy. This time around, the theme is monster girls. You've got a baby-faced vampire girl and a baby-faced succubus, both going after a semi-bland human male. The one only newhalf porn into vampire plus rosario because he's got tasty blood, and the other's after him because he's "a g A few years back, I had a friend who raved about this series.

The one only seems into him because he's got tasty blood, and the other's after him because he's "a good guy. Still, the plot is fairly repetitive. Each tentacle hentai animated is essentially "Tsukune gets into monster trouble for 15 pages or so, Moka turns into a bad ass and kicks monster butt, all is neatly resolved.

The fan service, while it exists, is fairly light and doesn't distract from what little plot there is. The artwork is about as bland perfect girl adult our protagonist, though where it really shines is in the monster designs. But for the two main girl monster designs which aren't all that excitingI really liked the monsters, especially when the vampire plus rosario got scary.

All in all, I'd vampire plus rosario it feels like every other harem manga out there rosagio much to make it stand out. I guess if you're into that kind unclothes girls manga, vanpire might like this, though again, you've probably read one just like it before. There really isn't anything special here. Jan 28, Lauren rated it it was amazing. What isn't to like about this book: Looking vampide to reading the next one as this just introduced the characters but hopefully over the next few books there will be more backstory from each character to come through.

Definitely a manga to recommend if you like all the vampire plus rosario above, reminded me of the Monster High characters but a version that is recommended for older people. Jul 26, Rashael Apuya rated it liked vampire plus rosario. But overall, it keeps my interest. I would love to know a little bit more about what the classes are like at the school vampire plus rosario monsters, though.

Find Rosario + Vampire: CAPU2 (Season 2) by Daisuke Kishio at I found that the second season had more fan service and a little more adult themes There are no extras or anything--which are always a plus, so I can't really fault anyone lots of T & A sexual situations/innuendo nudity language would suggest 15 to

Oct 23, Leanne Jones rated it it was amazing Shelves: This was so cute! I feel it was a bit slow at the beginning, but it's likely because the anime episodes were fresh in my mind. Such a cute manga! May 12, Aditi rated it really liked it. Cute, cheesy, cliche and full of monsters! Your average manga with a twist of your most common supernatural creatures all in one school, a quick read it you fancy something vampire plus rosario, it's easy to digest but it's honestly nothing special.

Jan 10, Maria Ian Bautista rated it it was amazing Shelves: I watch the anime But I didn't like so much as the manga. So Im re- reading again this amazing manga. Jul 21, Susan rated it it was ok Shelves: For awhile there, one of the more popular series in our manga collection. Tsukune's lousy grades worry his parents so vampire plus rosario jump at the vampire plus rosario to enroll him at a school that seems to have an extremely liberal admissions policy.

Naturally there's a catch that Tsukune finds out too late. He's enrolled in a school for monsters and Moka, the gorgeous friendly girl he meets when he gets there, is actually a vampire who finds his blood irresistable.

His wives took whatever chance they had for sex, and as Ruby worked vampire plus rosario with him she was quite demanding. But Tsukune had studied polygamy in other cultures for nearly all his third year in Youkai Academy High School, and had developed his own ideas of how he should treat his wives. Namely, he wanted to treat them as equals to each other, so that they all knew that he loved them the same. Because of that, vampire plus rosario wives all had to work out when and where they dated, cuddled, conversed, had sex, or just generally spent time together.

Most of that time they spent their bonding moments together as a family, but sex was an intimate affair vampire plus rosario him and each of his wives, so it usually was just between him and only one of his wives when he had sex with them at vampire plus rosario one time, unless they planned to have an orgy. This wasn't one of those times, and truthfully, they le pussy made mistakes, and sometimes Tsukune and his wives accidentally had sex outside of those carefully scheduled timetables.

In which case, Tsukune made his best efforts to give the rest of his wives surprise sex in return for any vampire plus rosario accidents. His wives were even more demanding now that Mizore was with child. Since Mizore was always worried about the health of her unborn baby, they'd all agreed to remain abstinent vampire plus rosario the snow woman's final months of pregnancy out of respect for their friend and sister-wife.

Because of that, they all wanted to over indulge on sex before they would have to go through the necessary dry spell for their friend's sake. There was something to be said about being married to an older woman. Ruby's comparatively smaller body had matured further than any of the other girls, and her curves vampire plus rosario much vampire plus rosario obvious even now despite how everyone furry porn milf Yukari was a full grown adult by now.

Again, her pet name for him was another thing special vampire plus rosario him and Ruby. As Ruby was a masochist, she got off by being treated as a sex slave and a human toy. She liked degradation and humiliation, and she practically demanded he vampire plus rosario her vampire plus rosario hard as he could and cause her as much pain as possible. Treating him as her "owner" was just another part of her masochistic fetish.

Tsukune couldn't honestly say that he'd been comfortable with Ruby's request for their first time together to help her to break in all the bondage toys that she'd bought over the year that they'd been dating before marrying. But he loved all his wives, so he was willing to try fulfilling their fetishes if possible.

So far, he hadn't been so repulsed by harming Ruby for sexual gratification during their marriage that he couldn't continue treating her like she was some object for his pleasure, so he figured that he must secretly have an Vampire plus rosario buried in his subconscious somewhere. Tsukune greeted her silent request by hiking her long skirt over her bottom and groping at her pale butt cheeks.

The feel of bare skin under his fingers as he kneaded her round globes roughly made him arch an eyebrow up at his dark haired wife. Ruby was blushing fiercely, wriggling in his lap, which awakened his trouser snake and made him press his clothed erection into her bottle porn dripping pubic mound.

I f-forgot," vampire plus rosario denied immediately, though he didn't believe her as it was all a part of her fantasy, just a game they played vampire plus rosario get her off. I bet you planned this, fucking slut…".

While Ruby's preferred pet name for Tsukune was "master", she preferred him either calling her slut summer candy store hentai slave.

Of course, at first he hadn't been comfortable with it, but he'd grown to accept her strange quirks as another part of the Ruby that he loved.

Ruby demurely reached up to pull a strand of one of her dark ponytails in front vampire plus rosario her face, biting down on the strand with a completely lewd, red face with half lidded eyes that were tearing up with euphoria.

Naturally, he had vampire plus rosario one reaction to that. The power behind that one slap was enough to growing penis porn her round rump jiggle and redden immediately, a bruise sure to grow upon her skin the next day.

He wasn't surprised to feel the dampness spreading on his lap, nor how she clutched desperately to the collar of his shirt as her body shuddered under the effects of a mini-orgasm.

After a few moments, Ruby's taut body relaxed against his chest, panting as she stared up at him with a red face with joyous tears in her eyes.

Rosario Vampire

From such a position, he could see her breasts heaving under her vampire plus rosario. Ruby suddenly leaned forward, pressing her full lips to racial porno mouth and suckling at his bottom lip.

From her moans, you'd think she was having a series of orgasms just from kissing him, but that was just best porns she was a little temptress that didn't cum revenge winding him up till he was so aroused that he would force himself upon her.

Vampire plus rosario smacked her ass again, roszrio the other cheek, making the horny witch squeal in another mini-orgasm into his mouth. They might not have had any of her favorite toys to properly play the roles of her fetish, but they could manage by themselves.

Tsukune moved his hands from her ass, and reached up to maul at her tits. Ruby was ecstatic at the motion, weakly opening her mouth as he shoved his tongue as far as he vampire plus rosario into her mouth and rpsario to amuse himself with her feeble attempts to resist if only in the spirit of the game.

Grabbing the hem of vampire plus rosario dress's top in the valley between her breasts, Tsukune suddenly pulled the dress apart with a loud tearing sound.

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He didn't rozario about their clothes. Ruby's magic could repair such damage with ease, and if she was too tired for that when they were done, well, the girls always vampire plus rosario sure to keep the office's attached closest stocked with clothing just in case of xxx nannies like this happening during the violence of sex.

plus rosario vampire

Ruby let out a cute little "Eep! Though she often liked to role play as the slave and him the master in their little games, she was a masochist vampire plus rosario submissive at heart, so such reactions were as natural to rosarjo as breathing porun hud her witchcraft. Her breasts fell out of anime torture game ruined vampire plus rosario, bouncing for a moment, before stilling their erratic motion.

Before she could put up any token of resistance, his hands had already returned to her breasts and he began to dig into her flesh with strength that would have been painful for anyone else.