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XStoryPlayer , English Hentai Games. The most unusual and innovative to date simulator of sex with realistic physics, small stories with a.


A third installment called Tentacle Dreams is still under development and will xstory player download be free when released. For example, the first scene involves waking up in your apartment, turning plajer the lights, finding your keys and leaving.

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In most games this would take about 60 seconds to accomplish — in XStoryPlayer it took about 15 minutes! We guess the first xstory player download is in place to attempt to provide a tutorial for game controls.

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Done, ok great, now switch back to movement mode and stand back up. The learning curve is very steep; unnecessarily so!

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These control difficulties apply to pretty much everything you do in xstory player download so be prepared for frustration for the first hour or so of play.

Graphics have been improved in version 3. There are now more and better angles to view the fun times with.

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Dungeon Master Go down to the dungeon at any time outside of the story xstory player download play with your female of choice. Sex toys, punishment tools, and slappy things are available to smack her around with. You can actually tell her to take off her panties, suck your dick, get on the xstory player download or in the stocks, and she will do any action without breaking transition.

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You can even command her to sit on the toilet and pee. You can read more about the previous releases here and here. Gay Cartoon Sex Games.

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So how to explore this immersive world which is absolutely different from your routine?